$BERRY is the primary in-game currency in Pixels. They are the main way for a player to progress and navigate through our game loop.
This currency is a ‘soft currency’ - it is vital to core gameplay loops and it needs to be accessible and easily earned in-game.
The primary of this currency in the game in its early stages will be through the in-game store. Players will be able to sell resources they generated to our in-game store to exchange their resources for $BERRY.
The primary burn mechanism will be through purchasing in-game items that progress players further along our game loop. In-game items that unlock new industries, activities, areas, quests, and content. Players who do not own land will also need to $BERRY to maintain their land.
We have several levers to adjust the incoming supply of $BERRY.
  • Controlling the generation of resources
    • Adjusting replenishment times of resources
    • The number of inputs required to generate a resource
    • The output of a given resource
    • The effort to harvest a particulate resource
    • The amount of energy it takes to complete certain actions
  • In-game store prices
    • The prices of in-game items will be adjusted on both the buy and the sell side
In the future, we also have the option of limiting or even removing our in-game store - which would stop the minting of new $BERRY altogether!
Last modified 1yr ago