Primary Mechanics

Primary mechanics can be understood as core mechanics that can be directly applied to solving challenges that lead to the desired end state. Primary mechanics are readily available, explained in the game's early stages, and consistent throughout the game experience.


  1. Farming

  2. Quests Narrative

  3. Cooking and Acquiring Recipes

  4. Personalization of spaces (Landownership, Map Builder)


  1. Foraging

  2. Pets

  3. Flower Breeding

  4. Skills Acquisition

  5. Personalization of Spaces, expanded

  6. Industry Balancing

  7. Competitions

  8. Mini Games

  9. Character Relationship Building

  10. Narrative Sleuthing

Secondary Mechanics

Secondary mechanics are core mechanics that ease the player's interaction with the game towards reaching the end state. Secondary mechanics are either available occasionally or require their combination with a primary mechanic to be functional.


  1. Store

  2. Social Features

  3. Taxes

  4. Leaderboards

  5. Recipe Book compiling

  6. Achievements and Trophies


  1. Income and Business Benchmarks

  2. Level Progression

  3. Skills Progression

  4. Horticulture Leveling

  5. Animal Husbandry Leveling

  6. Elements of Sabotage

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