How to Plant

There are 3 to 4 different actions a player will perform in order to harvest crops, each with their own growth duration and possible tools required!


Different tools will be needed to perform farming activities as players progress through the skill. For now, players need to at least water crops for them to grow.

Watering Tools

All crops need water in order to grow, which means players will need an item to carry water to the farm plots. If players do not have a watering tool with them, they will not be able to grow crops.

Watering tools have a set amount of uses before they need to be refilled.

To refill a watering tool, walk over to a well and fill it up! Click on the well to refill all the watering tools in your inventory.


Fertilizing is an optional step in the farming process that will reduce the time of growth. The reduction factor will be dependent on the type of fertilizer used on that plot.


Seeds are needed to start farming skill and are easily obtained. The first step of farming will be planting the seeds, so it is best to obtain some before trying it out!

Farm plots

Farming can only take place on certain tiles, called farm plots. Each farm plot can have only one type of seed planted on it, and players will normally find multiple plots next to each other.

Farm plots are located on player-owned and public lands. A certain number of Farm Land will be kept open to the public, with the rest being at the discretion of the owner.

Each player sees their own farm plots, so don’t have to worry about others taking up all of the lands!

There are three different states of farm plots: barren, dry, and wet.


Barren farm plots are incapable of growing crops – this land is dehydrated and crops on this land will die. These plots are recognizable by the dry, cracked appearance, which can be seen here:

Players must water this land to repair it.


Dry farm plots are capable of growing crops with the proper care – seeds planted on these plots will not grow until watered.


Players must use a watering tool to turn a plot from dry to wet. Wet farm plots are ready for seeds to grow in them and can only be watered after planting.

Crops need to be watered to progress through each growth stage (seed → seedling → budding → ripe), with the soil color and plant growth stage as visual indicators.

Watering a crop will keep the land wet for a set period of time, and will need to be watered again once the land dries out for crops to grow.


Read about how to farm and the rewards from farming below!


To begin farming, players start out by planting seeds for crops to grow. Planting seeds does not require any farming equipment but does require players to have seeds in their inventory.

To plant seeds, walk up to the tilled farm plot and click on it. Players need to be close enough to the plot for the action to occur.

Upon triggering the actions, an animation indicating the seeds have been planted will occur:

Players will not gain any experience until they harvest the crop.


Seeds will not grow without water, so best to figure that out before starting. After seeds are planted, use a watering tool to feed them. By clicking on the farm plot, players will see a watering animation appear above the plot and the soil color change.

Each crop needs to be watered after a certain amount of time to progress to the next growth stage. If players forget to water their crops, they will die after a set amount of time 😱.


As stated above, fertilizing is an optional step in the farming process that will reduce the time of growth. Fertilizer can be applied at any time in the growth cycle, and will remove a set amount of grow time from the total.

To fertilize, players need to walk up to the farm plot with fertilizer in their inventory and click on the plot.

Growth time is different for each crop, so players could use more than one bag of fertilizer to accelerate a particular plot.


Harvesting is the last step in the harvesting process and will reward the user with experience and resources. Click on a fully ripened crop to harvest it!

Growth Timing

Farming is broken up into 4 different stages of growth: planted → seedling → budding → ripe. After growing for a preset period, each crop will mature to the next stage of growth.

Below are the seedling, budding, and ripe stages of a Popberry.


After you start watering a crop, the growth cycle begins... but so does the drought cycle. If a crop does not get water in time, it will wilt and die. Players will need to click on the dead crop to click the plot.


After a crop has reached maturity to the ripe stage, it can be harvested. When harvested, players are awarded with experience points , more seeds, and a yield of the crop. Each different crop will have a different reward in both experience and resource.

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