Cross Project Economics

We want to give autonomy and separation to each project that is integrated into the Pixels Universe.

Separate Economies

Each project controls how its own currency is generated and burned. We will encourage projects to try to integrate their tokens into gameplay and loops as much as possible - as we believe that's the best way to strengthen their currencies.

We will provide them with various tools if they choose to use them to both generate and burn more currency - but they are not required to use them, and they can retain full control as to how these currencies are used in-game.

Linked by $PIXEL


The upgrades purchased by $PIXEL will be shared across the Pixels Universe and be able to be seen across all experiences within the Pixels Universe.

This unlocks cross-game functionality for $PIXEL.

The long-term distribution will likely be shared across the universe as well. The distribution of which will be determined through a DAO of stakeholders across the universe.

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